Website Speed Essentials

What will I learn?

Throughout this 6-part course, you will learn what affects how fast your website is able to load.

You will get the knowledge and insight into different areas that can hurt speed and what to do with them.

Who is this for?

The course is for anyone who wants a faster website. You may have tried things in the past, but believe there's more to be gained.

Perhaps you simply need an update on the latest tips and tricks for improving website speed.

In a hurry?

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Lessons in this course

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1) Elimination of excess

In this first lesson, we'll look into how you can get rid of unnecessary stuff like obsolete plugins, bloated code, etc. A tidy house is always a good start.


2) Optimizing your images the right way

We continue the journey to great speed by assessing, scaling and compressing your images. This will decrease your website's footprint and load faster. webp to jpg

3) Choose a theme with a single purpose

We continue to look at the quality of your theme. Having å lightweight theme is essential for great website speed so we'll explore your options.


4) Plugins - switch out the mean for the lean

Next up is assessing the plugins you use and to help you make better choices when choosing them. This is a great exercise in "Less is more".

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5) Page builders - yes they can be good

Here we close in on the pros and cons of modern page builders and their impact on both workflow and website speed.

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6) Mastering the art of caching

We finish off by looking at the pros and cons of website caching. We also try to demystify caching and how it plays into other types of speed optimization.

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Bonus lesson - go the extra smile!

Oh, there's more, you say? There are a couple of aspects to speed optimization still to explore.

One with huge impact and one is a little nugget I recently picked up.


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